Corporate Finance

Управление на бизнеса

You know how much money you have. How will it change over time? What is the added value you are creating? What is your overall financial health?

Managing corporate finance does not come down to merely recording the flow of financial transactions for taxation purposes. To build a functioning, sustainable and thriving business you have to constantly be able to analyse the past, control the present, and plan for the future by setting up an effective system of business and financial indicators, which give you a clear idea of your financial situation at any given time.

We can help you:

  • Set up a lean system for reporting, supervision, and business planning.
  • Develop efficient mechanisms for control and cash flow optimisation.
  • Set up practical safeguards against possible unlawful and illegal practices on the part of your staff.
  • Secure your strategic business targets financially via adequate methods for funding the business and balanced relations with financial institutions.

Building a solid financial management system will ensure the smooth operation and provide for the sustainable development of your business.